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New Release + GIVEAWAY!

Take Me to Your Reader

I am so very proud to be participating in a short story anthology with fellow authors Amy A. Bartol, Tammy Blackwell, Amanda Havard, Heather Hildenbrand, Tiffany King, C.A. Kunz, and Raine Thomas. The anthology, titled Take Me to Your Reader, is a collaboration of short stories featuring aliens, and all proceeds will go to benefit the UtopYA Conference in Nashville. We all love the conference’s founder, Janet Wallace, and her amazing team, and since the theme of this year’s conference is aliens, we all decided to create this anthology to show our support.

Regina Wamba with MaeiDesign created the beautiful cover, and K.P. Simmon with Inkslinger PR is helping with the promotion of the anthology. This has been a group effort, but I’d personally like to thank Tiffany King and her awesome hubby, Karl, for putting so much time and effort into making this happen. You both ROCK!

Here’s a teaser from my story, “The Black Stone Heir.”

I stared into his pleading eyes, and just couldn’t say no. Hell, I might have agreed to marry him and bear his children with that look his was giving me. I could drown in that look, but oh what a way to go.

This was such a bad idea, but I couldn’t resist.

“Fine, you can drive me home. But don’t touch me. Or talk to me.”  Because if he did, I wasn’t sure I could keep hating him. And I really, really wanted to keep hating him. It was always easier to remember the reasons he was a total doucheburger when he wasn’t standing so close to me, smelling of leather and soap and making me want to lean into the crook of his neck and never leave.

I took a breath of clean air to clear my head and began walking toward Tate’s truck. His hand brushed against the small of my back, guiding me. The touch was like hot coals igniting me, and I hated that I loved it. I walked faster, but he still somehow managed to get to the car first and hold the door open for me. I started to slide in, but paused at the edge of the seat.

“Should I just plug my address into your GPS here or…”

I was cut off by a low wail coming from the alleyway behind the Quik Pick. “What the hell was that?” 

I hope you enjoyed the teaser!! Be sure to go download your copy now and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!

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